Are you looking to gain more living space but have no idea where to start? Rather than entertaining the thought of a costly addition we have found the affordable solution to utilize the space you already have. Garage space is not just for cars and storage……there are a multitude of creative room ideas that your garage can be converted to with minimal effort, time, and expense! Below are some creative ways to utilize your garage space.

Install a Mini-Split Heating and Cooling System.

Try making your garage more inviting for you and your guests by installing a ductless mini-split system to cool or heat the area. The unobtrusive system even includes a dehumidifier option making your garage space hospitable at every season of the year.

Home Office

With remote work on the rise, more people are in need of a home office more than ever before. If you work from home, instead of leaving your garage vacant, why not consider turning it into the office of your dreams. With some paint and office furniture, your garage will be transformed into a usable workspace.

Home gym

Dream of having your own in-home gym? Your garage space can serve as the perfect space. Make it easy to get a workout in whenever you want with adding a few pieces of exercise equipment, mirrors and a wall-mounted TV.

Play Area

Are you trying to find space for a playroom? Convert your garage into the perfect play area where your children can be active and play with more space. Modify the garage to organize and store all their toys! During nice weather, enjoy fresh air by opening the garage door and creating an indoor-outdoor playroom.

Art Area

Make a fun, colorful and functional craft area the entire family can enjoy. This multi-use area still has enough room for storage but creates an artistic space for everyone to enjoy.

Mud Room and Home Organization

Make your garage better organized without having to sacrifice your style. A functional garage mudroom helps everyone in the family stay organized and keeps lesser used items that usually clutter your space tucked away. Add shelves, hooks and bins for all your family’s items.

Pegboards are an easy DIY that can declutter your garage. Adding pegboards in your garage space is a simple fix that makes storing tools, brooms, and any other loose objects a breeze.


Why not turn your garage into the perfect indoor-outdoor entertaining oasis. Improve the resale value and make your garage look more attractive by painting the concrete floors and placing indoor-outdoor furniture.  Install a large TV and you have the perfect place to entertain all year long!