Building an Outer Banks Home
With SAGA Realty and Construction

Imagine specifying each and every detail of your new home, and watching it grow around you. With SAGA Realty & Construction, you are in control and able to create a truly unique home that reflects your family’s style and needs. A new home is up to 30% more energy efficient and requires less maintenance than an older home. And it’s all easier and more affordable than you think. Don’t settle for someone else’s dream home. Build a brighter future for your family with SAGA Realty & Construction.

The Process

Choosing SAGA Realty and Construction for your Outer Banks new home construction needs, ensures every detail is covered. Our simple approach, through a Four Step Process, has become invaluable to our customers. With SAGA you are in control and able to create a truly unique home that reflects your personal style and needs.

Trusted Suppliers

SAGA takes pride in building strong relationships with our trusted suppliers and brand partners. These relationships ensure that we choose the best brands and products to fit each customer’s distinct needs. We are proud to be aligned with the following brand partners:


Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to every member of the SAGA team. Hear what past customers had to say about their experience with us!

Saga Construction, in particular Sales Manager Tammy Aycock, went above and beyond to complete my husband’s dream beach home. My husband passed away suddenly during construction of his dream beach home. Saga Construction continued the project with no assistance from me and went above and beyond anything called for in the contract.

Pam R

“Having worked with SAGA since 2007 as their kitchen & bath designer, I have developed lifelong friendships with the Guptas. I think very highly of them as individuals, as well as businessmen. As the business has grown, they’ve done an awesome job of filling each of the needed positions while building their team. I find each of the SAGA Team members to be very professional, personable, and knowledgeable at what they do. It has been a pleasure working with them on the numerous projects thus far and I look forward to our future business together.”

Chris Noble