International Women’s Day has been celebrated around the world annually on March 8th for over 100 years, to recognize women’s rights and equality. Both developed and developing countries observe the day in different ways to celebrate social and political achievements and raise awareness for even further progress.

Every year International Women’s Day has a different unified global theme, which in the past has included investing in women, empowering women and girls, and gender equality. The theme for 2019 is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change” and “Balance for Better”, to promote the idea that creating a gender-balanced world drives a better working world. By creating cohesive themes for the global community, activists hope to raise awareness beyond just one day.

Below are our ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day, no matter who or where you are:

Promote diversity in the workplace

A diverse and balanced workplace is shown to have multiple benefits for companies such as higher performance, improved reputation, and more engagement and innovation.

Attend or host an event

Seek out opportunities with local women’s groups in your community to attend an International Women’s Day gathering or networking event during the week. If you can’t find one, consider hosting your own within your company or community. The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce is hosting a luncheon on March 8th to recognize local business women who really contribute to the community. The keynote speaker of the event is Mary Kate Andris, CEO of the South Hampton Roads YMCA.

Donate to a worthy cause

If you have the financial means to do so, consider making a donation to a local or national group that advocates for women’s rights to help promote progress.

Support women-owned businesses and projects

At Saga Realty & Construction, we are honored to have talented women working within many of our departments, such as, Accounting, Construction, Interior Design and Sales & Marketing.

Empowering women through supporting their work and creative endeavors is one of the best ways to celebrate the day. The Outer Banks has many successful woman-owned or managed businesses. Let’s use this opportunity to be mindful and show our support to these local businesses!