The SAGA Realty & Construction Team is dedicated to creating a healthy, happy environment for staff members. Throughout the year, all are encouraged to participate in team building programs, wellness initiatives and more. With the goal of fun as well as self improvement, each initiative is happily accepted and enjoyed by all! Recently, the team completed a 21 Day New Healthy Habit Challenge.

Create a New Healthy Habit in Just 21 days

For 21 days, they were challenged to choose a new daily habit that each individual would like to develop. To be part of the team challenge, participants must commit to doing their new habit for 21 days. They were also encouraged to share their habit with co-workers in an effort to support and encourage one another.

Possible New Habits

Below is a list of ideas the team was given, some also chose their own.

  1. 20 min of exercise/yoga/meditation, walking or running
  2. No sugar/grain/carb/dairy/soda/smoking for 21 days
  3. No television for 21 days
  4. Read for 20 minutes per day
  5. No coffee for 21 days
  6. No elevator for 21 days
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 21 days
  8. Write 3 things you are grateful for for 21 days
  9. No mindless internet surfing for 21 days
  10. Declutter Challenge: Declutter one item every day for 21 days (a drawer, folder, closet, bag, etc.)

21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge Recap

Team member Ellen Davis commented, “I used the steps instead of riding the elevator.  I don’t have steps at my house, so I made extra trips on the stairs at work to make up for the weekend days!”

Another team member Emily added “I am so glad that I participated. As a result of this challenge, I developed a habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. It was really fun doing the challenge with my colleagues”

There was much participation from the SAGA Team for this challenge. Participants were ready and willing to pick up a new habit and challenge themselves and coworkers. The feedback was extremely positive and many are ready for the next SAGA Team challenge!