Kitchens and baths (namely a gorgeous master bathroom) — sell houses! How often have you heard that statement?

According to home builders and realtors, prospective home buyers are willing to compromise on many home features, but most want a master bathroom that is equal parts function, convenience and style.

Whether you dream of a personal retreat that encourages relaxation and “escape,” or you prefer a coolly-efficient space with separate bathing and grooming areas, the master bath is most often designed to serve the needs of two as easily as one, and to function well from early morning to late at night.

Current Trends in Master Bath Design

Every bath, from a small powder room to a luxurious home spa, has common elements and specific necessities. Beyond the functional and hygienic needs, however, the variations are almost endless.

Trends come and go, but classic white porcelain fixtures will never be out of style. The news today is the form that these classic fixtures take. Freestanding tubs and vessel sinks can be stylish and contemporary or exhibit retro appeal. Both are popular, and the choice is entirely personal.

The forecast for the rest of this year and on into 2018, according to top designers, is interesting, with a focus on:

Natural, Organic Materials: Bamboo, bleached wood, natural stone, shower tiles that mimic river rock or beach sand, outdoor views or private gardens, sometimes with an outdoor rain shower!

Geometric Shapes: A resurgence of mosaic tile for flooring is expected; old-fashioned “penny tiles,” as well as Moorish designs and interlocking hexagons and octagons are high on style.

Wall Art: Fully-tiled walls (with artistic shapes, interesting colors, iridescence and sparkly surfaces) are not only beautiful, but easy to care for as well. As an option, some trendy bath designs incorporate wallpaper murals and “living walls” of greenery.

Spare, Contemporary Design: Furniture-look vanity cabinets are likely to give way to wall-hung counters and “slimmer” lines; linen cabinets may be replaced by open shelving; industrial chic and Euro-tech design have invaded the bathroom!

Darker Colors: Just as black and blackened stainless have replaced shiny finishes in the kitchen, there will be a place in the 2018 bathroom for honed surfaces, dusky concrete tones, and even some “dark and stormy” color schemes.

Mood Lighting: While adequate lighting for grooming needs is vital, you are likely to also see quirky expressions in the bathroom — perhaps a chandelier with “octopus” tentacles to highlight a soaking bath, or colored lighting in a shower.

Green is Good: Not only green as a color, but the whole idea of sustainability, responsible water use, energy efficiency, recycled and reused materials — think “point of use” water heaters, “smart” faucets that remember personal preferences, timed floor heating elements and heated towel bars so you’ll never again endure a cold winter morning!

If you’re building new or planning a remodel, SAGA Construction can make all these bathroom ideas your reality. Visit our Houzz page to explore our master bath projects, then give us a call to schedule an initial design consultation.