If you are looking to enhance your outdoor area and create more living space outside, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. One of the best reasons to invest in an outdoor kitchen is that you’ll end up investing in your own wellness, as well as the wellness of your family! When you build an outdoor kitchen in your home, you’re building an opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and all the healthy benefits that accompany it.

Outdoor Kitchen Popularity

Outdoor living space is becoming increasing popular. The investment can favorably affect your home’s value in a competitive real estate market. as well as improve the resale value of your home. A survey by the National Association of Realtors revealed that more than than half of home buyers would be willing to pay a premium price for a house with an outdoor living area.

Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves
Appliances, seating and lighting are all great additions when building the ideal kitchen.
Our designers have identified some great pieces that are perfect additions to your new outdoor space:
-Bar Height, weather resistant table and chairs
-Outdoor Refrigerator
-Ice Maker
-Bistro Lighting
-Serving Cart
-Non-breakable glassware and dishes
-Built-in gas grill
-Wine fridge

Outdoor Kitchen Considerations

While the cost of an outdoor kitchen requires at least a few thousand dollars to build, the investment in your home can pay off exponentially in the future. But, it is important to remember that if you are going to invest in an outdoor kitchen, you need to ensure it is built correctly and with quality materials and equipment. Use materials that can withstand the outdoor elements such as stainless steel cabinets and granite countertops. Amenities such as a wet bar or a grill are great upgrades as well.

The Benefits

Research has shown that the more time you spend outside, the more benefits to your health. Improved memory and concentration, restored mental energy and reduced stress are just a few of the health benefits.

Creating the addition outdoor living space, such as an outdoor kitchen, not only provides returns on home value, but family fun, comfort, and endless entertainment.