An Investment for a Lifetime

Over the past decade SAGA has been the #1 investor in the Outer Banks providing positive, cash-flow, vacation homes that pay for themselves with strong, proven, repeat performance. We specialize in every detail from design, financing, construction, furnishing and rental management. Let us show you our simple approach to income producing investment homes that will provide an average of 15% – 20% ROI. Best of all, it’s an investment you can use with your friends and family! Browse our featured investment properties, custom home plan packages, and Investment Analysis.


Why is Investing Right for YOU?

  • 15%-20% ROI
  • Excellent tax benefits
  • Positive cash flow
  • Flexible down payment options
  • Turnkey rental ready investments
  • Build your long term wealth and legacy
  • Endless FREE vacations & memories

Why the Outer Banks?

  • Tourism spending in Dare County has increased from $233 M in 1990 to over $1 B in 2017
  • Dare County is #4 among North Carolina’s 100 counties for visitor spending
  • Over the past 20 years the market has experienced average annual growth of 16.9%
  • A generational location where families visit and invest year after year

Let’s Work Together

Find out for yourself why SAGA has helped more clients build, buy and invest in the outer banks than any other company over the last decade. Build your story.

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