December marks an extremely important holiday time for billions of people around the globe. For some it is a joyous time celebrating traditions and family. The true meaning can be lost in the shuffle of materialism and expectations. We need to remember that this is a celebration of a very special event. No matter your beliefs, the holiday season represents a time of spirituality and healing.

During the holidays we see common themes and decorations used-but what is the meaning behind them? Below is a list of common items used around holiday time and the history and symbolism surrounding them.

Bell Symbolism:

The symbolism of bells chime the importance of clarity. Bells ringing on a crisp Christmas night can serve as a meditative trigger that can intone our awareness into higher realms of pure potential. Bells are also ancient symbols of protection and ringing them have long been considered a way to ward off negativity.

Candle Symbolism:

Candles are a small version of the element they represent: Fire. In terms of the Christmas holiday, it makes sense to use candles as a way to represent the passion in our hearts this time of year. Candles are light bearers and represent pure positive energy with their illumination. Some believe that Angels live within every flame we light. The flame of the candle represents the warmth within us, to family, friends and even strangers. Our souls tend to be extra warm to all humans during the holidays.

Holly Symbolism:

Speaking on the renewal and rejuvenation that comes with holidays and a new year, holly is known to symbolize a renewal, immortality and rejuvenation of energy. By many ancient European cultures, holly is a protective agent and is carried into the home to ward of negative energy during the winter months.

Let the holiday spirit and décor surround your home and loved ones with peace, clarity, and rejuvenation as you reflect on the past year and prepare for the new year to come.