In my personal opinion, By far and away the best builder on the outer banks. I lived on the outer banks for years prior to building a home there and had seen many properties built that were hastily done and of poor quality. The folks at SAGA went above and beyond at every step of the process and I have yet to see any builder (regardless of what they claim) to do the same. The quality I received was second to none and the time to completion was well ahead of the schedule they promised. Even after years of ownership, anytime I have an issue I have been able to call them and they have been happy to help. Not only have I built with them, but many other people who have seen the results I received have also decided to go with SAGA and the story is always the same. If you are considering a build down there, I highly recommend you take at least an hour or so to sit down with them and see what they have to offer, you will not be disappointed!

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