Saga Construction, in particular Sales Manager Tammy Aycock, went above and beyond to complete my husband’s dream beach home. My husband passed away suddenly during construction of his dream beach home. Saga Construction continued the project with no assistance from me and went above and beyond anything called for in the contract. They finished the home beautifully, on budget and per the contract, then they handled furnishing, arranging for utilities and having them turned on in my name, submitting warranty information for the appliances, and handling all the details of completing the home on my behalf. Tammy even shopped herself, on her own time, to save me money on kitchen and other household items and stocked the home. Again, on her own time. I don’t believe there is another home builder that would have done so much. They even sent me flowers. The home is everything my husband would have wanted, and more, and would not have been completed had it not been for the extraordinary efforts of Saga Construction

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