SAGA Plays “Santa Claus” on December 23rd, for the Town’s PD’s by giving out $7,000 from the money raised by the OBX community from the initial fund raiser honoring the late Dewey Parr III our Construction Superintendent.

The Towns of Manteo, Nags Head, Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores now have the ability to fill more patrol cars with AED’s – The Heart jolting system that restarts a heart!

This program is not over, but shifting into a new phase as SAGA continues to charge forward to fill every patrol car on OBX with defibrillators.

“SAGA as the initiator and facilitator wants’ to thank all the private citizens and the Development community for adopting this program with your own funds.” Said Sumit Gupta, CEO of SAGA

“I can tell you visiting with each of the Towns PD’s was a really nice way too meet, given the alternative. They each were all quite pleased with the support that the community has shown in returning something significant to the Outer Banks PD’s” Said Bob Schiffer, from Saga Community Fund outreach.

Chief ‘s Haskett, Johnson, Kole, and Deputy Chief Gilliam were quite appreciative of our efforts and had a recollection of how AED’s are an important tool as their officers roll up on a call.

Further, the Town of Kill Devil Hills PD assisted SAGA in particular; in helping us better understand the needs of the Towns and Dare County patrol logistics.

We could not have accomplished this without the help of Chief Brett, Captain Evans and Detective Sergeant Towler and Dare County Sheriff Doughtie, each played a key role in assisting SAGA gain traction in this important program and to date they received funds for 16 units each.” Said Amit Gupta, SAGA President

Also, we should not overlook the shadow effect that this program has generated by resident’s just walking in and making a donation, “thank you to you kind and generous people”…. The SAGA Team.

Happy New Year From the SAGA Team!