SAGA applauds the efforts and dedication of Mrs. Wright. She has shown us just how good and strong our community really is. Our community is one that sticks together and Mrs. Wright is a perfect example, she planned and foresaw the needs of the area and created endowments to help keep her efforts alive even after her passing in September of 2011.

During her life Pauline Wright, who passed away at the age of 93, had many passions including a love of art and music, but her special connection to the wellbeing of children and animals may be her greatest legacy.

It was not until recently that funds from her estate were donated to the Community Foundation for charitable purposes selected by Mrs. Wright. Her dedication to these passions continues to live on and will benefit generations to come throughout our community.

To honor her love and appreciation of the arts, the Pauline Wright Endowment of Dare County Arts Council was established and will be dedicated to support art programs in Dare County.

Her passion for reading and literature was translated into an endowment to the Currituck County Public Library Foundation to benefit public libraries throughout the county.

To reflect her lifelong love of animals, the Pauline Wright Endowment for the Currituck Animal Shelter was established. This shelter is currently operated by the Animal Lovers Assistance League, so this fund will provide additional financial support for pet food, shelter, medical care, spay/neuter programs and educational and adoption programs for stray and homeless animals.

In addition the Pauline Wright Endowment for Dare County Individuals with Special Needs and the Pauline Wright Endowment for Educational and Developmental Needs in Currituck were also created. The foundation will use these funds to award grants to nonprofits for cultural, educational and developmental programs for those with Down syndrome and similar special needs requirements.

Mrs. Wright’s attorney, John Gaw, offered the following insight into Pauline Wright’s life, “Mrs. Wright loved life, art, music and had a compassion for people, especially children. She had a profound awareness of her value system and walked the walk. She lived what she believed in.”