It sounds cliché, the old adage that the sea can heal the heart, mind and body, but it really does hold true here on the Outer Banks. We know that locals and visitors can all attest that our beaches provide a safe haven but digging a little bit deeper, we see that there is a true reason that our cares seem to melt away when we come to the ocean.

The ocean has been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety, and promote compassionate thinking, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and author of “Blue Mind,” suggests.

Deep thinking and reflecting is difficult when we are constantly exposed to noise, electronic devices and a daily work load. If we can truly detach from all of these things long enough to breathe in the salt ocean air then our psychological and emotional health will improve.

All of that is not to mention that we can also improve our health by swimming and soaking in the ocean! There’s no doubt that whether you are sitting in the sand or swimming in the sea, you will improve your health in the most relaxing way possible!

Living on the Outer Banks provides us with first hand knowledge on the healing powers of the ocean.  The reflection of the sun off of the sand and the ocean is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. From eczema, psoriasis, depression and arthritis just about every Outer Banks local can provide a tale about how the ocean has provided them some relief. Likewise, our treasured repeat vacationers crave these beaches because they desire a similar cure.

Research has shown that attitudes about nature are formed early and that being exposed to unstructured, outdoor environments like the beach helps babies and toddlers develop a lifelong appreciation for nature, which in turn leads to lower obesity rates and healthier lifestyles, according to a report from the Early Head Start National Resource Center.

Much like a salt soak at the spa, the ocean provides us with the vitamins and minerals that we need to detoxify our bodies from daily impurities, infections and pain. By soaking and swimming in minerals like sulfur, magnesium and calcium, we can heal our bodies through the largest organ of our body, our skin!  Health advocates also say that walking barefoot grounds us.  At the very least, it reconnects us to nature’s beauty which helps reduce stress as life finds perspective.

Finally, by spending a day in the sunshine while swimming and digging in the sand we sleep better through the night! And we all know that there isn’t anything better for us than a good nights rest.