Friday, June 3rd is National Donut Day and we’re celebrating by sharing some favorite local places to grab a sweet treat!

Duck Donuts

Photo Credit: Duck Donuts

Now an internationally recognized name in warm, customizable donuts, with locations in multiple countries, Duck Donuts is a local favorite that got its start right here in the Outer Banks in Duck, NC. Beyond its local ties, Duck Donuts is the perfect option for the whole family because you get to choose from a wide array of toppings and add whichever ones you want! Plus with 6 locations throughout the Outer Banks, you’re never too far from fresh, delicious donuts. Some locations even offer donut breakfast sandwiches, specialty coffee drinks, and donut sundaes! 

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Photo Credit: Donuts4You

With a convenient location in Kitty Hawk, Donuts4You offers lots of options to enjoy when you grab your donuts.  In addition to their customizable cake donuts, Donuts4You also offers donuts with bavarian cream that you can add toppings to. Their menu also includes some delicious options like donut holes and donut breakfast sandwiches. They’re even been known to serve up fresh made crepes, stuffed pretzels, and bubble tea! 

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Photo Credit: Donuts-On-A-Stick

What makes your favorite foods more fun to eat? Putting them on a stick! And if that’s not enough for you, Donuts-On-A-Stick in Duck also has ice cream! They even offer donut ice cream sandwiches. Donuts-On-A-Stick regularly has gluten free and vegan donuts, ice cream, and toppings available for those with dietary restrictions. Their most popular option is choose your donuts, add some ice cream, pile it up with toppings, and enjoy! 

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Holy Cow Creamery

Photo Credit: Holy Cow Creamery

Four words say it all – donut ice cream panini! Holy Cow Creamery in Kill Devil Hills features gelato, donuts, and milkshakes, but the real show stopper here is the panini. The panini features your choice of ice sandwiched between two donut halves and perfectly toasted on the panini press. There’s nothing better than a crispy, warm donut filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. Plus Holy Cow Creamery makes all of its offerings in house so you know it’s fresh and delicious. 

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