<em>photo by Outer Banks Mom</em>A beach and nature lover’s paradise, the Outer Banks is a 200 mile long stretch of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and to us – the ideal place to raise your family. This 200 mile geographical area has a surprisingly small-town feel. Each town on the Outer Banks is unique in its own way but part of a large, tight-knit family community. 

Outer Banks History & Education

The Outer Banks is rich with American history lessons. From the Wright Brother’s First Flight, to the legend of the Lost Colony to the many battles fought just off the coast. These and many more lessons are part of the curriculum in Dare County. The schools in the area are among the best you will find. There are five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. All schools have extremely high participation for academic, social and athletic activities. The Arts program is very diligent in the Dare County school system which includes their award winning jazz bands, theatre and chorale group. All high schools also offer College Promise, which is tuition-free courses for college credits and students are also able to take college level classes at the neighboring Community College of the Albemarle. Dare County schools continuously rank in the top tiers on the state level. The graduation rate for Dare County High Schools ranks in the top ten in the state.  As you walk the halls or drive through the pick-up line at any of the schools, you will see parents, students and faculty who converse as close friends and family.

Small Town FeelThis community is as close as you will see in an area an eighth of its size. Neighbors are like family, the local police officer at any of the schools is known by their first name and even the library is a welcoming place. One OBX Mom mentions that a particular Dare County librarian noticed her son’s interests and shared some books she had collected just for him. The joy and light in a child’s eyes when they are recognized and acknowledged, is priceless.

The Benefits of the Ocean
Dare County local, Mom and pediatrician, Dr. Kellie Flock, recently wrote a blog for Outer Banks Mom-a local blogger, on the benefits for children of growing up by the ocean.

“Their brains develop more in the first few years than they ever will again and what feeds that development is their raw, uninhibited experiences. And this my friends, is where living at the beach becomes the quintessential winning lottery ticket of parenting and child development….The beach and its sandy shores and abundant water allow children to tap into auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile stimulation like no other…Physical development (both fine and gross motor skills) will surge as your little one sits, digs, and pours. Socially, they will interact with the others around them, also enjoying the wet sandy playground, and soon you’ll be witness to sharing, compromising, problem solving, and negotiations between your mini folk. Listening to the noises of birds calling, waves rolling, and the wind blowing gives ample opportunity to mimic new tones and sounds. Walking on uneven ground and navigating moving water allows the new walker to hone his skills and the speedy toddler to try new tricks.”

Read the full blog here.

With the immaculate school system, family-friendly community activities, and vast amount of nature that surrounds the barrier islands from sound to ocean, the Outer Banks is the ultimate spot to raise your family.

photo by: Outer Banks Mom