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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

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When it comes to backyards, Outer Banks backyards are popular gathering places. We love to entertain in the fresh coastal salt air. With spring just around the corner we’re already thinking about backyard barbecues and lawn games here at the beach. Here are some useful ideas to spruce up your patio, deck or yard

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose SAGA as Your Builder

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Choose the Outer Banks top home builder to build your dream home, SAGA Realty and Construction There are many factors contributing to the popularity and growth on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, from low taxes, natural beauty, and year-round recreation. New homebuyers and new businesses alike are falling in love with these

Find Out Why Families are Flocking to the Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks has always been a vacation destination, but what about living here year-round? If you had the freedom live anywhere, would you choose a place that is not only an incredibly beautiful place to live, but also has a strong community? The Outer Banks is fortunate to draw year-round residents from

Make at Home: Brown Butter Seared Scallops

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Easy make at home brown butter seared scallops will become your go-to dish to impress guests Every vacation at the beach, we have always looked forward to dining out at the seafood restaurants where “the catch of the day” literally meant just caught fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, and oysters. From the fall green

Beachcombing on the Outer Banks May Bring a Surprising Find

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The Outer Banks are 175 miles long and excellent for endless beachcombing After days of random thunderstorms along the Outer Banks of North Carolina there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we careful it may strike you. I am talking about beachcombing after a storm on the OBX. For

Unlocking the Myths to Having the Perfect Outer Banks Beach Lifestyle

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The beautiful Outer Banks are calling, will you answer? Have you ever dreamed of having a beach lifestyle? Each year thousands of vacationers go home a little less stressed and more relaxed after a few days at the beach. If you're one of them, after unplugging from life's worries and cares, and a

Super Easy Key Lime Pie: Make at Home

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Refreshing and tangy Key Lime Pie This is an award-winning recipe from one of our SAGA Team and it’s so easy and delish we thought you would enjoy it too. Celebrate island life with this classic American dessert pie. You will find this is a popular choice at Outer Banks’ restaurants. Celebrate the

Living the Outer Banks Dream is Easier Than You Can Imagine

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More people have discovered the benefits of working from home, and in fact, that they could live anywhere and work remotely, the dream of living at the beach on the Outer Banks is becoming a reality. Virtual learning is also giving you the perfect opportunity to follow your heart to the beach. It may

Living Near the Beach Can be Easy and Affordable: Coastal Cottages

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Gorgeous coastal cottages starting in low $200s at Waterside Villages, Grandy N.C. If you've ever dreamed of living at the beach on the Outer Banks but thought the price tag was way out of your range, we have some good news! Waterside Villages on Currituck Sound are just a short drive to

The Many Benefits of Raising a Family on The OBX

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A beach and nature lover’s paradise, the Outer Banks is a 200 mile long stretch of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and to us - the ideal place to raise your family. This 200 mile geographical area has a surprisingly small-town feel. Each town on the Outer Banks is unique in