7 Reasons the Outer Banks is the Best Place to Live

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No need to drive to the Outer Banks beach on vacation, you're already here! Anyone who vacations on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina has the same thought, “How can I live here?!” It’s such an amazing place to spend your time. As most of us have discovered, year-round living on the

Beachcombing on the Outer Banks May Bring a Surprising Find

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The Outer Banks are 175 miles long and excellent for endless beachcombing After days of random thunderstorms along the Outer Banks of North Carolina there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we careful it may strike you. I am talking about beachcombing after a storm on the OBX. For

Kitchen of the Month: Real Outer Banks Homes

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SAGA Realty & Construction's winning kitchen design is beach centric with bright walls and a driftwood stained island A DINING DESTINATION RIGHT AT HOME On the Outer Banks, a big part of the beach experience is the joy of good food, shared together. But things dramatically changed for all of us in early 2020, so

Unlocking the Myths to Having the Perfect Outer Banks Beach Lifestyle

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The beautiful Outer Banks are calling, will you answer? Have you ever dreamed of having a beach lifestyle? Each year thousands of vacationers go home a little less stressed and more relaxed after a few days at the beach. If you're one of them, after unplugging from life's worries and cares, and a

Find Your Wicked Tuna on the Outer Banks

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Head out to the gulf stream waters for some amazing angling on an Outer Banks fishing charter North Carolina is home to unparalleled top-notch world-class fishing. If you don't believe us, tune into National Geographic Channel's "Wicked Tuna Outer Banks", and see for yourself. Yes, it's filmed right here. The show is a

Corolla, home for a week or home for a lifetime

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Explore one of the hidden gems on the Outer Banks, the Village of Corolla Beautiful Corolla is known as the least commercial place on the Outer Banks. In fact, it’s called a village, not a town or city, and it’s simply surrounded by natural scenery on every side. You won’t find any big

Top OBX Sites to Visit for Nature Photography

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Bodie Island Lighthouse is an incredible place to view nature on the Outer Banks If you're looking for inspiration to go outside and see something different, June 15th is National Nature Photography Day, and a great day to explore the natural side of the Outer Banks. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along

Living Near the Beach Can be Easy and Affordable: Coastal Cottages

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Gorgeous quaint coastal cottages starting at just $219k If you've ever dreamed of living at the beach on the Outer Banks but thought the price tag was way out of your range, we have some good news! Waterside Villages on Currituck Sound are just a short drive to all the great amenities

OBX Veterans Week, Nov 1- Nov 15, 2019

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Join the Outer Banks for Veterans Week to celebrate visiting and local veterans; November 1-15th. OBX Veterans Week is an annual event that honors veterans and their families through multiple events including workshops, ceremonies, live concerts and arts-taking place in downtown Manteo and throughout Dare County. First Friday, November 1 OBX Veterans Week commences

Your Guide To The OBX Taste of the Beach

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Locals, visitors and foodies alike look forward to the annual Outer Banks Taste of the Beach weekend! A four-day, food and drink centric weekend hosted by the Outer Banks Restaurant Association highlighting the best fare of many local restaurants. With more than 50 events, ranging from multi-course wine dinners, tapas crawls, to intimate cooking

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